KinhsHands VPN
KinhsHands VPN
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Hide me
Hide me
The only service providing an opportunity to thy VPN for free
Free access for 24 hours
Anonyoumus IP-address
dedicated IP-address
Fully anonyoumus and confidence
30+ servers around the world
8+ years in business
Money back within 7 days
Supports all devices including mobile
Strong encryption of all data
Protection against the interception of passwords, correspondence, payments
TV, music, torrents access
Hide My Ass
Hide My Ass
Biggest VPN-network with millions of customers around the world
700+ servers
Most user-friendly software
100,000 IPs
Anonymous IP
Money Back for 30 days
Confidental access to any web sites
Multilingual support
Complete protection of personal data
Highest connection speed
Strong VPN
Strong VPN
One of the most reliable VPN-services in the world


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