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Spartan Poker
存款红利 VIP
返水 VIP
收银台 agent
支付 Skrill Neteller
操作系统平台 IOS mac OS Windows Android Web
55 4.4
4.4 / 5
  • local indian field
  • up to $NL700 action
  • HU-action
  • reliable setup
China 哇哈!接受来自China的玩家!
支持HM / PT

Spartan Poker评价

Spartan Poker is the largest and the most recognizable poker brand in India. Being a permanent sponsor of IPC, the largest Indian poker series, the brand has a flawless reputation and it holds big promotions with local professional players on a regular basis.

The main currency of the room is rupee ($1 = approx. 67 Rs). The peak times fall on evenings, local time. The number of connections reach 1,000 players.

The majority of the games are NLHE and PLO cash games of low and mid-stakes played in 6- and 9-max format. In the peak times, you can get action at 4–5 tables of each stake up to 200/400 rupee (approx. NL$700). The traffic in the poker room is especially high during regular promotions.

Besides that, you can get stable action at HU tables at the low stakes and some action — at the high stakes. Also you can enjoy cash games in the Boost format (the Zoom analogue), OFC tables and a trending game of Texas 6+. The action at all of these tables is occasional.

The MTT and SNG games are of little interest, however, the field — just like in cash games — is extremely weak here, which is traditional for Indian poker rooms.

Spartan Poker utilizes very popular nowadays software of Connective Games, a leading company in the market. The client program is stable, it offers all the necessary functions and filters and has a nice visualization component. The tables are graphically sharp and comfortably resizeable, 4-color card decks are highly visible. The poker room offers both browser and mobile client programs for popular platforms.

The Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker are supported via a special hand converter.

By default, the deposits are available only via Indian cards.

However, we have created a setup that allows our players to get access to deposits/withdrawals via familiar methods such as Skrill, Neteller, and PokerStars.

Note! Indian government takes 30% tax for all winnings (cashouts). There's no way to avoid this tax and all our players also have to pay it.

As usual, you can get the full info on the deal from our manager in Skype.

The benefit of playing at Spartan Poker is obvious — one of the weakest line-ups in the world in all the disciplines and at all stakes. Since the main traffic is concentrated at the low and mid-stakes, including HU and PLO, it is exactly our professionals of these disciplines who profit most from this deal. The hardness of the access to this poker room for non-Indian players is brought to nought at most, thanks to our setup. Meanwhile, this hardness of the access indeed guarantees the weakest fields possible.

China 哇哈!接受来自China的玩家!
Asian rooms manager
语言 English, Russian
Skype Whatsapp
Telegram Line
高峰时段流量 1000
抽水 5%
国家 All
存款 Skrill, Neteller, PS
文件 not needed
联系方式 our manager


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