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Poker de las Americas
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  • latinamerican poker rooms
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  • more than 1500 players online
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Poker de las Americas评价

Aconcagua Poker is a local Latin-American private poker network, focused in offering poker games in local currency to poker players according to their country. The poker rooms is operated by Golden Dragon Superholdings N.V and uses the Connective Games software. The games in the poker room are offered in its own currency, CHP. 1CHP = $0,055USD, so 1USD = 18CHP aprox. Also, some tables are offered in FBR, 1FBR = $0,32USD.

Aconcagua Poker is currently located as 17 in the Pokerscout ranking, with 1600 average players online, more that 500 on cash games. 

Aconcagua Poker Network is conformed by several poker rooms, one per Latin-American country: Poker de las Americas, Brasil Poker Live, Bolivia Poker Live, Chile Poker Live, Colombia Poker Live, Guarani Poker Live, Mex Poker Live, Perú Poker Live, Uru Poker Live.

The network has called the Latin-American market by launching a series of local live tournaments, called the Aconcagua Poker Tour.

It's mainly a network focused on recreational players.

Aconcagua Poker offers NLHE tables up to $1k, but big action can be watched in lower levels; usually you can find 10 tables of NL200 and a lot more of NL50 and lower.

One of the main attractions of the poker room are the MTT tournaments, which monthly compares the best results between the players from different countries.

Omaha tables are also offered but usually no more than 20 players can be found playing this modality, usually up to PLO50. 

During weekends you will find more than 10 MTT tournament each one belonging to a different series with guarantee prizes.

Aconcagua Poker offers both flash version to play from a web browser and desktop version to play from a Windows or Mac OS.

Android version for mobile devices is also offered.

Aconcagua does not allow tracking software, but in exclusive with Worldpokerdeals you can get an special piece of software to use support software in Aconcagua Poker.

All the deposits and withdrawals are handled conveniently via our agency with times lower than 24 hours, including the accounts creation. 

Aconcagua Poker allows poker players to play with local Latin-American poker players, using local currencies. 

MTT tournament series offers a good opportunity to poker players to play specially on weekends.

We recommend this poker network to anyone looking to add some fishy mid stakes games into their portfolio. 

The software is not the best but you can get used to it, and the cashout time may represent some delays to poker players.

The poker network is focused in attracting recreational poker players.

China 哇哈!接受来自China的玩家!
Juan David
Spain and Latin America
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高峰时段流量 1500
抽水 5%
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