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Peoples Poker
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返水 skype
收银台 through WPD
支付 Skrill Neteller
操作系统平台 IOS Windows
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4.4 / 5
  • no payments for account rent
  • no cashout comissions
  • one of the weakest fields
  • accounts are always in stock
China 哇哈!接受来自China的玩家!
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Peoples Poker评价 is a skin of the Italian People’s Network, it ranks among top poker providers in this country and is comparable to Dollaro in terms of soft lineups. The network welcomes only Italian players, so the pool of players is secure from most regulars. The network offers a comprehensive customer service and a system of rewards for new players. The reputation of the company is unblemished, and the safety of the players' funds is guaranteed by WorldPokerDeals.

The games in are played in Euro. In the evenings CET, the number of connections reaches 3,000. There's much action both in cash and in tournament games.

NLHE cash is represented by 5- and 9-max tables at stakes up to NL2K, and HU tables up to NL1K. You can enjoy action in very soft lineups at dozens of tables, including heads-up, at low- and mid-stakes almost 24/7. NL1–2K stakes are not that rich with action, but they offer daily games in more soft lineups compared to the majority of rooms.

PLO-lobby is represented by 5-max tables at stakes up to PLO400 and HU tables up to PLO200. The action is rather low here: just about 4–5 tables of PLO50+ in the peak times.

SNG section offers regular games at low- and mid-stakes, mainly heads-up. Rake-races and promotions encouraging SNG players are constantly held in the room.

Initially, the network specialized in МТТs. Then the priorities have been shifted towards NLHE cash games, but you still can find a lot of tournaments with low and medium buy-ins. Also you can take advantage of regular promotions and branded МТТ series, which are perfect to attract amateur players both to МТТ and cash games.

The software of is very user-friendly. You can easily filter and customize the lobby and the tables, and without any problem find a button you need — the settings are intuitive. All the prerequisites for comfortable multi-tabling are met (16 tables max.). Though the website is in Italian only, you can use English as the client program language. The room also offers a mobile client program that simplifies the access for recreational players. The client program developed by has no serious downsides.

The Holdem Manager and PokerTracker are not supported.

Deposits and withdrawals are made via Skrill with our little help. WorldPokerDeals guarantees the safety of our players' funds. is a perfect option for those who'd like to jump in private Italian games with one of the softest online fields. Decent traffic in almost all the games and stakes, convenient software, ability to use trackers via our hand converter and rest assured that your money is safe with WorldPokerDeals. 

People's Poker Network is a great choice for HU bum hunters of mid- and high stakes. The action is not very high but when you have it, you are sure to play with the most pleasant opponent. The room will also suit 6-max regulars of NL50–200 and HU regulars of NL600–2K.

If you are registered with WorldPokerDeals, you won't have to:

— pay the rent for the account;

— pay the fees for withdrawal of your money.

The accounts are always available. 

China 哇哈!接受来自China的玩家!
Italian room manager
语言 Russian, English
Skype Whatsapp
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高峰时段流量 3000
抽水 5-6%
国家 all
存款 Skrill, Neteller
文件 not needed
联系方式 our manager


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