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存款红利 $2500
返水 VIP
收银台 direct
支付 Visa MasterCard Skrill Neteller
操作系统平台 mac OS Windows
24 1.9
1.9 / 5
  • american amateurs
  • up to 5000 connections
  • HM/PT support via hand converter
  • First deposit bonus up to $2500 and 33% clear rb
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支持HM / PT


After the "Black Friday" the Chico Poker Network took a third place among poker-rooms that accept US players. Having a bad record before, the network nevertheless changed its owners in 2013, resolved all the issues with cashouts and spared no effort to provide secure and comfortable experience for players.

BetOnline is the second largest Chico skin after Tigergaming and the largest to accept the American players. The room has a comprehensive casino (Betonline casino) and betting component (Betonline sportsbook) which helps to attract American amateurs to the poker tables as well. The inflow of recreational players increases drastically in fall and in winter during the peaks of NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB seasons.

BetOnline offers our players (including those who already have the account in Tigergaming) the opportunity to join the American pool of players.

The majority of players are American and Canadian. The games are played in USD and the peak times fall on evenings and weekends EST.

The main action takes place at 6-max NLHE tables. There are about 15–20 playable tables of NL25, about 10 tables of NL50, 8–9 tables of NL100, 5–7 tables of NL200 and 5–8 tables of NL400–NL1k in the room.

The lineups are rather soft — usually there's at least one random player at each table. It is BetOnline which attracts most of amateur players at poker tables in the Chico network.

Also there are about 1–2 regular Omaha tables up to PLO400 stakes. The traffic in SNG and MTT games is quite moderate, but you can still find a game for yourself in low-stakes DoNs and MTTs with minimum struggle.

The weakest point of BetOnline software is an inability to close the casino widget attached to the poker table. This issue can be resolved by rolling the client program back to the older version, which you can get from us by request.

As for the rest, the Chico SW is robust: it incorporates all the basic settings and filters, though it might take a while to get used to the interface. All in all, the client program indeed meets all the modern standarts, looks attractive and, as a nice bonus, has a live chat support, which is integrated right in the lobby, as well as p2p money transfers.

Holdem Manager and PokerTracker are not supported by Tigergaming, but there's a hand converter for Chico network provided with discount by WPD.

BetOnline offers its players all usual payments methods: bank cards, Skrill, Neteller and other electronic wallets. The terms of withdrawals are flawless — up to 5 business days but usually funds hit your wallet within 24 hours.

The room charges 7.5% of each deposit amount and deducts it from the player's rake. E.g.: A player deposits $1000 and makes $1000 of rake. The room calculates it as if there was $925 of rake made.

BetOnline is worth the money both for new players in Chico network and for those who already have the account in Tigergaming. The strongest point is the ability to play with the American amateurs, the weakest — unhandy new version of the client program. As for the rest, Chico network is a fine place with very soft games and fast cashouts.

And our pro-players will surely get maximum value thanks to our special conditions. Simply contact us to pick your personal deal!

China 哇哈!接受来自China的玩家!
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语言 Russian, English, German
Skype Whatsapp
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高峰时段流量 5000
抽水 5.5%
国家 all
存款 Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Master Card
文件 passport, utility bill
联系方式 live chat
电邮 poker(at)


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